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improvisation during it's boom. I learned so much from Teresa.  The thing I admire most is how she tells stories with her movements. I owe that evolution in my dancing to her. 


The year was 1993 when my best friend and I stumbled upon a book "The Complete Belly Dancer". The moment I saw Marta Schill I knew this was the kind of woman I wanted to be. I began my studies with Suzanne Armetta at a YMCA. I was extremely awkward and obnoxious but she taught me AmCab and the importance of sequins. Her style was very late 1970's. I'll always represent that flair.

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"Finally somebody did it! The fantastic music of Eddie Kochak and the flowing style of the Golden Era... The combinations in this video can easily be used with improvisations to other music..."    PURCHASE THROUGH AMAZON

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My second major influence is Teresa Tomb. She brought American Tribal Style to Ky from CA.  At that time, it was the beginning of "ATS fever". I was blessed to start performing with Rakadu Gypsy Dance and learning the art of group

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Are you a beginner-mediate dancer looking to learn a solo tribal-style choreography? This is a great download for that! I built a full song choreo to Djinn's "Brooklyn Baladi". I even play the zills for you to practice along.   DOWNLOAD

​I really enjoy visiting different dance communities and I offer a variety of workshops (Vintage to ITS). My diverse dance background offers a unique class experience and my positive personality encourages dancers to let go and enjoy learning.