Welcome to Lmo's Room


I do a lot of stuff.  Acting has always been dear to me and I have been lucky to have enjoyed multiple rolls over the years. I have taken place in reality television programs like Bridezilla (as a pole dance instructor) and pretended to take place in a voodoo love ritual for a pilot episode about magic (because "reality" tv).  My pride and joy is in my work with the film presentations of 3 classic Greek Dramas with MacMillan Films and in 2016 I played a roll in their first INDY film "True Drama".

In 2015 I became the singer for the rock band, Blackcat Adventure Squad.  This has been a fun and challenging new endeavor.  Growing up I did a lot of music theatre and briefly enjoyed singing backup vocals for The Freaks with Damien Youth (New Orleans). I have learned a lot since I joined the band in 2015. I'm really grateful that I get to create art with these talented cats.

I've been blessed with the ability to travel. I have been to the Caribbean, Europe, and have hiked in many national parks. There are so many places I want to go. I hope that I am able to have those experiences. I plan to share what I have learned so that you may get some tips to make the experience more enjoyable and effortless.  

In 2016... I transitioned from full-time artist into a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant. My knowledge of fitness training, safety, and body mechanics has helped me reach my goals and I hope they will help you reach yours as well.  Due to having so many interests I am only available for a hand-full of shows and workshops per year.  I look forward to you contacting me for a list of the many workshops I offer. I am always excited to have new adventures.

Principle Teachers
Suzanna Armetta, Am Cab

Teresa Tomb, Tribal

Professional Performer
(2005-Retired, 2016) Night Clubs & Restaurants 

(2011-Current) Tribal Happenings

                            Renaissance Festival Showcase

     Over the years, I have been blessed with success, adventure, opportunity, and a career in dance.  As a Belly Dancer I am best known for my DVD program "Vintage Belly Dance" and for my Louisiana Renaissance Festival Showcase "Tribal Happenings". 

Atlanta Belly Dance Guild


I began taking belly dance with my best friend at 15 years old (1993). One day we were snooping through her mother's closet she we discovered part of a costume and a book, "The Complete Belly Dancer".  In a moment I knew I wanted to be like the beautiful confident woman in the pictures. Soon after, we began taking lessons at the YMCA.