Welcome to Lmo's Belly Room

    Morrighan’s stage show is an annual event at LARF. These days, show has evolved and the project has a slightly different name to better represent the new direction. The show was rebranded “Tribal Happenings Shimmy Theatrics” in 2017. The players perform a classic tall tail through beautiful dancing, drama, and bad puns! Each play is written by, directed by and stars LadyM. For the 6th year, the cast has been original members of Tribal Happenings!  

Come catch our latest show "Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt"!

I have recently traded in my life as a full-time artist for a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  It's a truly rewarding and also provides me the stability to invest in the art projects that peak my interest.  This has manifested in increased 

     I have been blessed with success, adventures, and many dance friends.  I have been able to put some of my programs on DVD and digital download through WDNY.  I am best known for my program "Vintage Belly Dance" and my Exotic Dance Fitness series.  

The History of Tribal Happenings and

Tribal Happenings Shimmy Theatrics

  When LadyM relocated to Atlanta GA the following year a group of her dancers (Sherry, Lindory, Jennifer, Angie) asked for her blessing to continue to perform as a belly dance troupe under the name.  

I began taking belly dance at 15 years old (1993) after discovering part of a costume and the book "The Complete Belly Dancer" with my best friend when snooping through her mother's closet.  In a moment I knew I wanted to be like the beautiful confident woman in the pictures (Marta Schill). That's the day my life changed.   

“It has been an extreme pleasure to watch them create and dance together over the years after I relocated.  I am flattered to see them honor me so greatly by wanting to remain connected through the Tribal Happenings name”.  ​​

     Lady Morrighan began teaching in Hammond, LA where she later founded Tribal Happenings in 2009. At it’s inception it was a student troupe that performed LadyM’s signature ITS style and choreographies.  In 2011 Lady Morrighan began writing and choreographing a professional belly dance stage show for the Louisiana Renaissance Festival under the same name. 

creativity and drive.  I am available for a hand-full of shows and workshops per year.  I hope you will contact me for a list of the many fun and informative workshops I offer.  I look forward to meeting new communities and sharing my love of dance.