I began taking belly dance with my best friend at 15 years old (1993) after discovering part of a costume and the book "The Complete Belly Dancer" while snooping through her mother's closet.  In a moment I knew I wanted to be like the beautiful confident woman in the pictures (Marta Schill). That's the day my life changed.   


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Welcome to Lmo's Belly Room

I enjoy a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant and use my knowledge of Anatomy in my dance.    I am available for a hand-full of shows and workshops per year.  I hope you will contact me for a list of the many fun and informative workshops I offer.  I look forward to meeting new communities and sharing my love of dance. 

     I have been blessed with success, adventures, and many dance friends.  I have been able to put some of my programs on DVD and digital download through WDNY.  I am best known for my program "Vintage Belly Dance" and my Exotic Dance Fitness series.