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BBF 2017 Reflections

     This is one of the funnest dance intensives you can come to.  This community is so inclusive, supportive, and talented.  It's such a joy and honor to participate as an instructor, student, and performer for my 3rd year in a row.  I left feeling so inspired I am already thinking about what I'd like to do next year.  

     I'd like to thank you all for taking my workshops and 

being so supportive.  I had such a good time reconnecting and dancing with you all.  I'd like to thank Trybe Habibi Bizarre for hosting this amazing event.  Thank you for providing a space where we can all share our love of belly dance.  I admire you ladies so much.  

This Just Happened!

Bayou Belly Festival
Annual: 2nd weekend of July
Lafayette LA
3 Days of Workshops & 2 Shows

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"Veil of Many Colors" Participants 2017


Downtown Atlanta

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August 05

September 02 DragonCon

Back by Popular Demand!

Last year I retired from performing in restaurants and night clubs. I've enjoyed taking a step back but I think I'll moonlight at my favorite venue.