I've been blessed to have memorable roles in several Greek classics. My work with James Thomas of Macmillan Films has been a creative and exciting experience.

Bacchae - Lysistrata - Oresteia

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    I love the theatre! When I got the opportunity to write, direct, star, and cast a comedy dance-theatre show for the Louisiana Renaissance Festival I jumped on the chance.  

2017 will be the shows sixth season

    This year, we will be performing the story of Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt. A story of war, murder, seduction, and puns! ...but you will also love the dancing, costumes, and cast. 

Nov/Dec Show dates TBA


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Cleopatra just learned Ceasar has been assassinated! At first she is devastated until she remembers that she is the incarnation of the Goddess Isis. Clearly she's strong enough to be a single mom... plus, she's rich.  

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