Cleopatra just learned Ceasar has been assassinated! At first she is devastated until she remembers that she is the incarnation of the Goddess Isis. Clearly she's strong enough to be a single mom... plus, she's rich.  

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Once Upon A Time...  Lady Morrighan founded Tribal Happenings in Hammond, LA (2009). At it’s inception it was a student troupe that performed LadyM’s signature ITS style and choreographies.  In 2011 Lady Morrighan began writing and choreographing a professional belly dance stage show for the Louisiana Renaissance Festival under the same name. After LadyM relocated to Atlanta GA , LARF continued to book her stage show as an annual act.  

The cast is comprised of her former students (Sherry, Lindory, and Jennifer). Though Morrighan can only return for the LARF showcase, the dancers  continue to create and perform as Tribal Happenings throughout the year in LA.  “They have my blessing to perform as Tribal Happenings at any time.  It's one of the things that keeps us close even though we live so far apart”.  

Tribal Happenings

tribal happenings

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