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Cleopatra just learned Ceasar has been assassinated! At first she is devastated until she remembers that she is the incarnation of the Goddess Isis. Clearly she's strong enough to be a single mom... plus, she's rich.  

    I love the theatre! When I got the opportunity to direct a show for the Louisiana Renaissance Festival I jumped on the chance.  

2017 will be the shows sixth season will love the dancing, costumes, and cast. 

Nov 5th and 6th

A Brief History of Tribal Happenings Lady Morrighan began teaching in Hammond, LA where she later founded Tribal Happenings in 2009. At it’s inception it was a student troupe that performed LadyM’s signature ITS style and choreographies.  In 2011 Lady Morrighan began writing and choreographing a professional belly dance stage show for the Louisiana Renaissance Festival under the same name.   When LadyM relocated to Atlanta GA the following year a group of her dancers (Sherry, Lindory, Jennifer, Angie) asked for her blessing to continue to perform as a belly dance troupe under the name.  “It has been an extreme pleasure to watch them create and dance together over the years after I relocated.  I am flattered to see them honor me so greatly by wanting to remain connected through the Tribal Happenings name”.     Morrighan’s stage show is an annual event at LARF, and for the 7th year in a row, the cast is comprised of original members of her troupe!  This is the one event that reunites LadyM with her dancers and it's truly a dance spectacular!   

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